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Maintain your carburetors with regular rebuilds.  Keeping your carburetors clean, with fresh
gaskets on a regular basis will alert you to any problems that might be arising, like fuel
leaks.  And fuel leaks equal FIRE!                       
Parts diagrams here.
356 Carburetor Rescue rebuild kits for Solex and Zenith available

Because it is such an important part of your car's performance, we always ask our customer's
to check their distributor's function.  If you need help with your
distributor, contact
John Jenkins at 619.224.3566 or by e-mail at

Troubleshooting guidelines

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About Us - the people who are carburetor rescue

Contact us - How to reach Carburetor Rescue for quotes,
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Carburetor specs - what are the proper carburetors for you car?

Parts diagrams - Zenith & Solex (dual and single barrel carbs) -
what and how to put together your carburetors, use these part
numbers to order parts.

Distributors - specs, pricing, details of service

Misc. Notes -
Random and misc notes on our services, parts, sources, etc.

  Cores - what we mean by cores & evaluation

Injector Measurement Vials - a replacement for the nearly
impossible to find original glass tool.

Why maintenance? this includes info on setting injection with the
measurement vial

Warranty information - our promise to you

Rebuild kits

work shop manual pages, see under Zenith or Solex

Duane Spencer was kind enough to give us permission to use
these pages
from his book Porsche 356 Performance Guide
about tuning Solexes

Jack Staggs gave us permission to use
his article on carburetor
tuning and engine balancing.

Adjusting your carburetors for performance at altitude

Trouble shooting

You can also find more information on your carbs and engine in the
PCA series of books Upfixin der Porsche and on the 356 Registry
web site.

Early single barrel solex carbs
Zenith 32 NDIX w/manifolds
Manifolds for Normal and
Super usually available.  C
manifolds are slightly different
Solex 40PII-4 carburetor for
SC or early 912.  The Super
90 will have a different top.  
The tall Sandcast carrera carb
is very similar in appearance
A pair of "short" sandcast 40PII
for Carrera carbs.  Some of
the old Alfas use this same
carb body
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pricing and misc information
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If you are looking for it, I've removed the feedback page.  At this point, a general
inquiry on the web, particularly on the 356 and 912 registry will get you all the
responses and comments you need to judge our work and our service.  And we
can provide you with specific references if you need them.  Look over our
Warranty information also for our promise to you
356 Carburetor Rescue at Rennsport V
We are now restoring Solex 40PI
throttle bodies (911) Call for
pictures here!