About 356 Carburetor Rescue LLC
        the company and the people

John Jenkins:  Drove a VW bug during the later years of college. San Diego had lots
of 356's then and they seemed to take great pleasure in passing a Bug, and he  took
equal pleasure in looking at them. In 1972, before the ink dried on his college diploma,
he bought a '65 356C,  and has driven 356's since.
John was taught that general maintenance is part of owning a car so rebuilding Zeniths
was a natural evolution. He has always enjoyed the challenge of trying to return them to
their original performance and looks. After moving to Colorado in 1980 and becoming
active in the local 356 club, he joined the Registry, and chaired his first 356 Registry
Holiday. Soon after that he became a Trustee and served for eight years. He took on
the 356 Registry Travel Assistance Network (TAN) at the end of his last term as trustee.
By the early nineties John was rebuilding
Zeniths for a friend and neighbor who
restored 356's. After moving back to San Diego, he kept rebuilding Zeniths for that
friend, and a few others, as a hobby. The hobby took more and more time and some
help was needed to branch out into the Solex. Another enthusiast who had a machine
shop was required. Fortunately, he met Jim Kaufmann who wanted to do something
similar for the 356 community, and, who was prepared to set up his own machine shop.
Wanting more time to enjoy his retirement, and looking for new experiences; he now
restores the
Bosch Distributors for the early Porsches, and has begun restoring
Triumph motorcyles.  As we have done with the carburetors, John has had special parts
manufactured to keep the original performance parameters.  All distributors are
checked on a Sun Distributor Machine.

Jim Kaufmann: Once an award winning lapidary artist, Jim now lives in Sedona,
Arizona. Bought his first Porsche, a '65 911, from his brother in the '70's, then added a
'65 912, and the '61 Roadster in the photo  was purchased in 1993.  He has had at
least one Porsche in the garage ever since, as well as a few VW's.   Each was a
learning experience in the restoration process, with the Roadster being a ground up,
mostly in house, restoration. The Roadster also lead to membership in the 356
Registry, and to stepping forward to Chairman the 2009 West Coast Holiday.    Much
later, the 912 went to another home and Jim added a '59 Coupe to his garage.  Now,
that too has found a new home.  Through his experiences with these cars,  Jim learned
that carburetors were an important issue. Problems that could not be dealt with through
a simple rebuild caused major headaches. Problems that were not resolved in having
carburetors remanufactured by other reputable people sent Jim deeper into the how's
and why's of both Zenith
32NDIX and Solex 40PII-4. In meeting John Jenkins, Jim found
someone with equal enthusiasm and great knowledge on this subject. Together, pooling
resources and talent, they formed
356 Carburetor Rescue.   Jim's artistic attention to
detail helps insure that your carburetors will meet the standards promised, while his
technical knowledge will help them stay that way.

Candace Delaney will be the first to tell you that she is the one who got Jim into the
four cylinder Porsche.  This little red Roadster was her first experience with the 356,
brand new, out of the showroom, the fall of 1959!  That's Mom in the passenger seat,
Candace isn't THAT old regardless of what she may say.  The A is her favorite,
although she'll settle for driving the B roadster when she has to, sigh.  She co-chaired
the 2009 West Coast Holiday with Jim, and is the voice on the phone when you call.  
Besides doing the shipping and billing, she can give some technical assistance, will be
doing the disassembly of your carburetors along with the evaluation/quote, and can
answer many of your questions when you call.  This all helps keep Jim focused on his
machine work in the shop.

Joe Piccininni - From Brooklyn, to Sedona, via Las Vegas and other points West. Joe
has become an important part of the Carburetor Rescue team. Naturally a Porsche
enthusiast, Joe has been willing to step in where needed.   He has become our "Zenith
guy";  the man who makes up the new throttle plates, checks the jets, and tests them on
the engine after finishing their assembly.  Besides that, he's working on the Solexes, so
Jim has time to machine parts, do set ups, or work on fuel pumps. Also detail oriented,
Joe takes it personally if your carbs aren't functioning perfectly on receipt.   You'll be
seeing Joe at the shows and Holidays, stop and say "Hi".
356 Carburetor Rescue,  285 Morgan Road,  Sedona,  Arizona  86336

Call Jim or Candace at 928 204-0507 for pricing information on our products and services

Call John at 619 224-3566 for technical or installation help or information

If you have problems with this website, contact Candace at  
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