Solex 40PI for early 911's

Jim prefers to do just the
throttle bodies: removing the
teflon bushing and replacing it
with bronze. Then reboring
throat and cutting new


Most people want them all
cleaned up, hardware plated,
and put back together.

and obviously we will do that.

Big difference in price of
course as there is much labor
involved in this total assembly.

Set up is still in the hands of the
customer.  Unlike our 4 cylinder
carbs, we do not set injection
and float levels, but do run fuel
through them to check for leaks.

Prices quoted are
prices, for a certain amount of
basic work.  if more is needed,
it will be extra.
Call for details.
This is a Solex 40PI carburetor.  
the 911 uses six of these
mounted as a "bank" with
manifolds and connecting bar
(see below)

Restoration of the six throttle
bodies only is $1950
throttle body is this unit stripped of
everything but the shaft and its
Restoration of the complete
set of six carburetors starts
at $2625
.  If any parts need
repair, or parts are missing,
there will be extra charges.
This is 3 Solex 40PI carburetors assembled into their
"bank" with manifolds, connecting bar, float
assembly, connecting fuel line, velocity stacks, etc.
Restoration of the full set up, both "banks",
starts at $3800
that also includes cleaning and plating of all hardware