Why not just rebuild my carbs?
a good question, a few answers:

Well tuned and adjusted carburetors will give you better gas mileage,
as well as cut your fuel emissions!
We have had several reports of
average 33mpg on road trips.
 A rebuild is a necessary
maintenance procedure that should be performed regularly,
but it only replaces gaskets and limited parts.
A restoration addresses much more.

From the dirt caused by old gas,  the dirt that gets thru without a gas
filter, or just the gunk that forms from old gas sitting in the bowls;
decades of use will clog the jets, make the floats stick, degrade the
gaskets and prevent a good air and fuel mix.  If the car has been off
the road for a time, the situation is worse.  We clean your carbs
chemically, and then do a detailed hand cleaning

Pot metal cast carb bodies and tops can become distorted by
overtightening.  On Solex, its the carb body to manifold, the little
flanges, that easily bend. The created gap from over tightening not
only causes air leaks, but can actually deform the carburetor throat!  
Our restoration service provides flat mating surfaces, and with solex
we rebore the throats to round.

Reaming jets with improper tools to clean them will score  and even
change the jet size.  Jets will actually "erode" to a larger size from the
passage of gasoline over the years.  We not only clean, but guage all
jets to make sure that they are all correct size.

Butterflies wear, shafts become bent.  Solex throats and bushings
have specific problems that evolve over time.   Zeniths,  the pump link
is subject to bending and breaking.  Wear inside the body from the
pump itself causes the pump to perform poorly.  Throttle levers wear
and break on both styles.  Small parts easily get lost or broken over
time. Our restoration process addresses these and any other

There are many issues that  can rob your car of performance and
all should be checked before having your carbs redone.

Then call us to find out how we can help you make your car run better!
356 Carburetor Rescue LLC
We can make your car run better

John Jenkins and Jim Kaufmann, two long time 356 enthusiasts formed this
business to bring what they saw as a much needed service to the Porsche

We "rescue" original carburetors for the 356 and 912 Porsches,
Zenith and Solex only;
by doing complete restorations, not rebuilds.
NOTE, we now do early 911 Solex 40PI, more here
See notes below regarding the difference
We also "rescue"  distributors

Carburetors are restored to stock specifications unless otherwise requested.  
Adjustments to injection and float levels are made to account for the changes in
fuels. (Duane Spencer talked about this in his
performance guide). We can restore
your carburetors if you want to maintain the originality of your engine. Or we can
work up a set for you from our stock of cleaned cores.  Though we try, its hard to
keep inventory on hand.  In general, lead times are approximately 4 weeks to
restore client carbs, less if we swap from our stock of cleaned cores, more if we
need to do special machining.  During particular seasons, we have seen that lead
time extend to 8-10 weeks.

If you are not sure what your original carburetor specs are, please refer to
these specifications.
356 Carburetor Rescue LLC,  285 Morgan Road,  Sedona,  Arizona  86336

Call Jim or Candace at 928 204-0507 for pricing information on our products and services and to place an order

If you have problems with this website, contact Candace at  cdelaney@356carburetorrescue.com or call 928 204-0507

Thank you for your interest in our products

356 Carburetor Rescue is not affiliated with and/or endorsed in any way by PCNA or Dr.Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG.
We restore the following:

         32 PBJ
         32 PBIC / PICB
         40 PBIC / PICB
         40 PII sand cast
both short 4 bolt
and tall 5 bolt for Carrera
         40 PII - 4 Solid shaf
for super 90, SC, and 912
         40 PII - 4 split shaft
to solid shaft conversion
         40PI for early 911

  • 32NDIX, Normal,
    Super, and C

We can also do custom
machining to create high
carburetors: 40 PII-4 to
42 and 44mm,
32 NDIX to 34mm

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