Fuel Pumps
As we continue to look for ways to
help your car run better, we are now
rebuilding/restoring fuel pumps;
Pierburg and Autopulse.  Prices are
basic restoration. Extra if they need
anything else.
We clean the bodies, flatten mating
surfaces, replate metal parts, rebuild
with new kit parts.
shipping not included in price

Pierburg :

VERY EARLY - PRE A - When we are lucky enough to have one - $450

Early pumps (the ones that look like an old fireplug) for A&B cars start at
$305  This includes a new hebel and pivot assembly as well as fuel line
attachment.  If we have to replace any other parts, there will be additional
charges.  If we are supplying the core plus

Later pumps for T6 and 912 are $225, plus if there are any parts that need
repair or replacement.  If we are supplying the core,

                          **Pierbergs are not tested.

Autopulse have parts plated, new kits, and tested.  

single fuel pump - 6V or 12V - restoration is $435, includes core.  If you
have a core, we reserve the right to accept or reject. maximum credit for a
core is $125, and rarely do we see pumps that are worth it!

Carrera (4 cam) double fuel pump set up - restoration starts at $1215,
client's complete core only.